Painful hallux valgus may require treatment. A splint may be worn at night to help move your toe toward the correct position, but this is only effective if your bones are still growing. Wider shoes and cut-out pads may decrease pressure on the side of your foot where the bones protrude, although these are temporary solutions. Surgery is the only way to permanently correct hallux valgus. A portion of the prominent bone is surgically removed and tight soft tissue structures are released to improve the position of your toe. A small screw or wire may be inserted to further stabilize the toe in the correct position. You Might Also Like Many problems that occur in the feet are the result of abnormal pressure or rubbing. One way of understanding what happens in the foot due to abnormal pressure is to view the foot simply. Our simple model of a foot is made up of hard bone covered by soft tissue that we then put a shoe on top of. Most of the symptoms that develop over time are because the skin and soft tissue are caught between the hard bone on the inside and the hard shoe on the outside. A tailors bunion will generally only hurt in shoes and be fine barefoot, or in open shoes like a sandal.hallux valgus surgery The review article by Jones et al describes multiple methods of proximal osteotomies including crescentic, chevron, and oblique osteotomies. Overcorrection of IMA can lead to hallux varus and dorsiflexion at osteotomy can lead to transfer metatarsalgia. Double osteotomies can also be utilized for moderate deformities with Jones et al describing 92% satisfaction with a combined Akin and scarf osteotomy (Illustration A). The surgeon makes small incisions in four places around the big toe, dividing the ligaments and cutting the bone with minimal damage to the tissue. These cuts are designed to allow the surgeon to correct the deformity but maintain bone stability in the area. Hammertoes occur because of an imbalance between the muscles and tendons that attach to the toe. Splints can be used to hold the toe in correct alignment. Hammertoe splints extend the curled toe into a straighter position. One such splint is a teardrop-shaped foam pad with one or more elastic loops. The elastic loop fits over the hammertoe, pulling it down into a corrected position. Do you agree, disagree, or would like to add an opinion on this topic? We welcome articulate, well-informed remarks relevant to the article. Comments are moderated by editorial staff of Disabled World, however we do not verify or endorse material shared by commenters below.hallux valgus definition Some people continually suffer with bunions, but there is no reason to limit what you do when help is available. Why stay indoors if you really want to be out having fun? What should you do if you have this condition? Make an appointment with a podiatrist or orthopedic physician. He/she will assess the situation and suggest a treatment right for you. If surgery is recommended, it is wise to seek the advice of two to three different surgeons to help ensure the best approach for your type of bunion. We will wrap up our feet trilogy next time with some useful tips to help ward off foot problems.